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First Day Tour of Southern Israel


Comprehensive visit to Masada, bathing in Dead Sea

The mysteries of the desert: from stories of heroism, war and rebellion...We will travel along the coastline until reaching the foot of the impressive cliff fortress of Masada, which we will ascend via cable car, enjoying breathtaking views of King Herod's magnificent palace, the jewel of the desert wilderness. The citadel that knew pleasure in times of peace and battle in times of war will forever remain a living monument to the past.

We will descend to the healing waters of the Dead Sea, where we will float on the mineral-rich and salty waters, covering ourselves with the natural mud unique to this magical place.


Masada is a symbol of the legendary heroism firmly established in the consciousness of Jews both from Israel and the Diaspora and non-Jews alike. Those who ascend Masada wonder not only at the spectacular view and the impressive archaeological remains, but at the human story of those besieged there and their tragic end. The story of the citadel of Masada and arrival at the top (whether via the Snake Path, rampart or modern cable car) inspire feelings of anticipation and great emotion at visiting one of Israel's most beautiful and historically important sites.

The Dead Sea

Highly prized for its salt and mineral-rich water, the Dead Sea lies at the very center of Israel in the unique Judean Valley, and is the lowest exposed point on the Earth's surface at 799 meters (2,621 feet) below sea level. Situated at the center of the Syrio-African fault, the Dead Sea is a miniscule remnant of the giant body of water once located there.

The high salt and mineral concentration in the water causes the body to float effortlessly, providing an experience truly unmatchable. The water currently flowing into the Dead Sea is not equivalent to the amount lost to dehydration, constantly lowering the water level.


Second Day Tour of Jerusalem

Jerusalem Old and New

The Old City, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Via Dolorosa, Muslim Quarter, Jewish Quarter, Western Wall, Mount Zion, Mount Scopus Observatory, Yad Vashem, Ein Kerem.  A tour along the thin line separating old from new in the city of Jerusalem. We will start by surveying New and Old Jerusalem, side by side, distinguishing the thin line that separates them. From there we will continue to the heart of the Old City via narrow lanes, streets above and below ground that will lead us along Via Dolorosa, where the crucified Jesus made his way to the most important church in the world, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. In the heart of the lively bazaar, passing from one Quarter to the next, we will make our way to the magnificent Jewish Quarter. In a journey through spectacular New Jerusalem, journeying to the west side of the city, we will arrive at Yad Vashem, the memorial site founded to perpetuate the memory of the six million Jews exterminated in Europe during Second World War, a unique, emotional visit to this impressive, singular museum. To end our tour, we will descend to the picturesque village built on the remains of a Christian village, where, according to Christian tradition, John the Baptist was born and began his ministry. From 2000 year old Jerusalem, to New Jerusalem a city of continuous renewal.